Guide - Must Read

This soft work the best and without bugs on Windows XP. So get the VmWare/VirtualBOX soft (better not the newest version), and put OS Windows XP vmware virtual machine. 

After you made a virtual machine on Vmware with Windows Xp on it/ or i gave you ready old Antidetect 5 with Windows XP, just copy the folder name to it. 

If you need to work on Windows 7, write me in PM and ill explain you how, cause its a little different. But you can experience some bugs (especially with Flash), and i dont see the need for Windows 7, cause Windows XP is the same.

Part 1: Browser and flash

1. Unistall flash from your system and make sure that in folder C:/Windows/System32/Macromed/Flash isnt nothing. So, the folder must be empty
2. Now in the folder name, find folder "browser" and copy it to C:/. Folder must be in disk C and it must look like this C:\browser. This is an important step, so be sure you copied it exactly to disk C

3. Now you can go to folder "Antidetect" and click on application Antidetect5 to open it, but dont hurry, there are another few things to make.

Part 2: Canvas fingerprint plugin

1. Go to folder "canvas".

2. There you will see the file anticanvas.xpi

3. Open firefox, click CTRL+O, select this anticanvas.xpi and install it. 

4. In the right up corner you will see a black pictogram. Click on it.

5. Next its simple and u can set random colour, font and font size. Now click "Save" and "Test". 

Part 3: Changing flash system information

1. Go to browser/Data/plugins, and click on config.ini. There you can set your own information for parameters like Screen resolution, Flashver, Windows version, Language, and so on.

2. For example if in the Antidetect soft you set a 1360*768 resolution, you must go to config.ini to change resolution also to 1360*768. And like this you must do for all the parameters. If you set in Antidetect that OS is Windows 8, you must go to config.ini and at [Winver] also must put Windows 8. As a conclusion, your Antidetect parameters must be the same like parameters in config.ini

3. To make clear why you must do it: You can change all system info, but if you have flash enabled, flash will reveal your real info.

Part 4: How to work with my ready workprofiles

1. Open antidetect5 application. Click on button "Load" and from folder "Workprofiles" select the workprofile you need.

2. You workprofile will load and on the right you will see the "JavaScript Config" window. There you can edit all the info you want (for example BuildID), and after that click below it on "Save all configs" to save it. To open the new customized browser, look at "Shortcut to browser" and click on Firefox icon.

Now you can check your system information on site like or ipscore. If you have any questions, dont hesistate to contact me.